Thursday, March 07, 2013

Ribbit Ribbit

When I said I wanted to felt a frog I know every single one of you thought.....Yeah right! She hates frogs and all other slimy, icky things!

Well, HA!  I felted a frog!  And I still have no idea why I so desperately wanted to do so! lol

Maybe it is the hope that Spring will soon be here....or that I just really wanted to use my bright green wool.  :-)

So here is your first look at the little guy.  He is about an inch tall and 2 inches long.  As I sit here typing I am thinking I should have taken a picture of his little bright yellow belly lol (maybe later)

Trust me, he is not as blatently fuzzy as he looks......he is just blown  up much bigger than real life! But no, I still have not perfected the completely smooth look. I think my dragon came closest but he is also the largest thing I have felted which I think makes it easier to get the smooth surface.

I seemed to have caught him right in the middle of poofing out his throat. Why do they do that?

Here's hoping that Spring has almost sprung!  :-)

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