Sunday, October 12, 2014

How can I be behind if it is only October???

It bugs me that all the stores have put out their Christmas displays and we haven't even celebrated Halloween yet?  Christmas ornaments mixed in with the Halloween candy is just wrong!  It makes me feel like I am behind and I have to stop myself from going into panic mode. Hmm, is that it? Are they pushing our subconscious into thinking we are running behind to send us into a panicked shopping frenzy? OMG I think that's it!

Well I am NOT behind! As a matter of fact, I am ahead!
I mailed my Halloween cards this past week and last night I finished the last of my Thanksgiving cards and have already begun designs for my Christmas cards. (my card list only has around 20 names so I have plenty of time to get them done).
Shopping...well that is another story but you can't go shopping if you have no idea what to buy people lol

So I have a few cards to share today. (of course I do, it seems like that is the only creative outlet my mind has these days)

I found out that my college roommate went and got married (secretly) so even though it happened over the summer I still wanted to send her a little something.

This is the Cake box card from the SVG Cuts Autumn box card set.  When I bought this set I honestly thought I would never use this design and yet, here it is lol

Just like the Thanksgiving box, it has gorgeous battenburg lace cuts. And the little flowers add just the right simple yet elegant touch.  I tinted my flowers using watercolor pencils and glitter glue dots in the centers.
I hope my old roomie likes it.

For Halloween I adopted the practice of just making a stack of cards. An idea came to me, I created a card. So everyone got something different. I really liked that. I didn't get bored with making them (as I have in past years....the same card over and over and over UGH!) so I am using that idea again for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here are my last 2 Thanksgiving cards of the season.

Again from the SVG Cuts Autumn box card set this is the Fall Leaves box card. It is a mixture of printed and plain cardstocks and I shaded the leaves with chalks....none of which shows in the photo lol

And my favorite of the week....from the same box card set, the Apple Crate box. Isn't this adorable?!
I used several printed cardstocks for the crate and sign and I shaded all the apples with chalks and added highlights with a white Prismacolor pencil. This one is going to be really hard to let go. I may have to make one for myself!

But we have more than just Thanksgiving coming up. My sister's birthday falls on Thanksgiving day this year.

Sometimes she likes cute, sometimes not so I have no clue how this card will be received lol

This gift box image comes from Birthday Bash. The text is included in the image but they show it as horizontal. I thought it looked better on an angle....maybe because of the dots on the paper. Also, I noticed that I hadn't glued on the dot for the 'i'. I finally found it this morning and got that sucker glued on! lol

The text didn't have a shadow but it really needed one to stand out with those dots so I duplicated the layer, did 'hide contour' to get rid of the bow and cut the words from black cardstock and used them like a drop shadow.

So here is the cute part that I am not sure how she will handle lol
The card base is from the new Close To My Heart Artfully Sent cartridge. I wanted to make a birthday pop-up card. The cartridge has full card images but you can mix and match or delete parts completely as I did here. The card had 3 cupcakes.

I removed the cupcakes and added my smiling birthday cake which comes from Simply Charmed. I embossed the icing to give it that swirl and added shading to the cake and candle flames with chalks. I then attached him to the pop-up square using a wobble...yeah I might have gone too far with the cute on this one lol

The confetti is called 'party horn' and also from Simply Charmed. I duplicated it a couple times to get extra confetti to toss around. :-) 

So, now onto Christmas....well the cards anyway. :-)
Enjoy your week, don't go into panic mode and make time to create!

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