Saturday, March 03, 2007

I have been working on a lot of projects lately but have I remembered to photograph them before I mail them off?! No! LOL

Currently, I am working on a collage canvas project in the badbabyart group at yahoo. We each have a small canvas. We create the background and then mail it to the next person in the group (they are groups of 4). Each person adds a little bit and finally a finished piece of art returns home.

Here is the background I sent out.

I will post a picture of the finished work when I get it back. I am really excited about this! I have worked on one other canvas so far. (2 more to go). It seems everyone is having a great time and the hostess is talking of about starting a new round once this one is complete. I am pretty sure I will join again.
I am also working on a "Purses and Shoes" mini board book. The hostess sent out teeny 3" board books. I alter the entire book and then return it to her. She will swap out the finished books so I will receive someone elses finished project to keep as my own. I have some ideas but then I wonder how I will feel about letting it go. This should be a lot of fun though and I really can't wait to see what I get and also how the person who gets mine feels about it.
And finally, I am taking a class next weekend. Beeswax! I can't wait! I have wanted to learn wax collage for a long time (seen it in a lot of books) but didn't want to invest in the materials just to find out that I really couldn't figure out how to do it from pictures in books. So, along with jury duty this week, I am gathering up photos, paper scraps, ephemera and other supplies. I need to clean out my tote from the scrapbooking party I went to last month so I can carry it all.

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