Sunday, March 11, 2007

More Bees Wax

Today is Sunday, laundry day at our house. Plus, tomorrow is my son's birthday. So, today I need to do the laundry, bake a cake and clean the house (company coming for the birthday ya know).

What have I done? I did do one load of laundry! I cleaned my desk (which I hadn't seen the top of since way before Christmas). And then I played with bees wax!

Here is the collage I created today. It took me a while to get started. Maybe the thought of all those chores was distracting me. But I finally got going and just played.

I originally had the girl stamped on tissue. I put her on the canvas, wanting the text to show through but the tissue was so transparent she got lost. I tried highlighting her hat with blue oil pastels, her outfit with yellow and her cheeks with pink. But she still did not show up as much as I wanted. So, I stamped her again on plain computer paper, hoping it would be translucent enough for the text to show but opaque enough that she would still be visible. To my surprise and joy, the text did show but so did the color I had applied before (I put the new image directly over the old one). So now she had the soft, rosy cheeks I wanted!

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