Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Calendar Page

I am in a "swap" of sorts. Everyone involved makes a page for a calendar, the hostess then assembles them and we have this fabulous calendar filled with gorgeous artwork.

My month is September.

I wanted to use the colors I think of when I think of fall. Deep reds, golds, copper. The theme of the calendar is Fashion. So, since I do love asian themed stuff, I made an asian page.

I started with an 8x10 sheet of black paper. I sponged copper acrylic paint onto it. I next tore a striped sheet of autumn colored paper and glued it over top.

Now the pictures. With the theme of fashion I searched for Asian fashion models. I also used pictures of the Great Wall at sunset as well as the Temple of Heaven at sunset. Both show the rich golds I wanted as well as the clear blue skies I think of for fall.

And who else is the epitomy of fashion but Barbie! Here is Chinese New Year Barbie with her rich red dress. She has olive colored leaves behind her to help her stand out against the background.

Finally, the writing down the right side is actually the wrapper off a pair of chop sticks from some restaurant. I have had that wrapper so long I couldn't even tell you where I got it.

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