Sunday, October 14, 2007

Trash (?) into Treasure

At work they gave us this black ball. It is sort of like a "Magic 8 Ball" only it says things like "Innovative" and "In Charge" describing our company philosophy. It is shiny and black and sits on our desks. I have no problem with the company ideals but having a big black ball on my desk was just not "me".

Here is the ball.....before. heehee

I took it home and sanded it. I then covered it with a coat of gesso.

I enjoy using an Asian theme in some of my artwork. I took some of an old Chinese newspaper we picked up years ago in San Francisco, tore it into pieces and using gel medium, collaged it all over the ball. My ball probably tells all about some murder or bank robbery LOL

I stamped some of my favorite Asian images with Memories permanent ink and colored them with pencils.

I used Mod Podge to adhere the stamped images. I ended up adding some additional smaller dragonflies that are not in the picture above.
I then sealed the entire ball with glossy Mod Podge. That smell took me back to 6th grade when I took what they called a "mini-course" on how to decopage. :-)
Currently the ball is drying. I will take some pics once it is dry.
Tomorrow morning the ball will again be sitting on my desk. Only now it will fit in with all the other art on my desk. :-)

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joanne wardle said...

Altered balls!! what a fantastic idea!