Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Balls I made for Christmas

Since Christmas is now over I can show you these balls I made for gifts.

The first was for my sister Jennifer. She has to be the biggest Ohio State fan I know! I haven't heard from her today, probably in mourning!!!!

I covered the ball with tissue paper, painted it white and then sponged on JoSonja's silver paint. I printed the logo on my inkjet printer. I have found that if you spray 2 or three coats of Workable Fixatif on the printed images, you can glue them and paint a sealer over them and they do not run or fade.
Below is a ball I made for the daughter of a friend at work. Another Jennifer. :-)

She is a HUGE Hannah Montana fan! I hear she even has her own Hannah website and if I ever get the address I will post it here for all you Hannah Montana fans out there.

Again, I covered the ball with tissue and then sponged pink and white paint. I then painted on squiggles and stars with silver, turquoise and silver.

Finally, I added the Hannah pics. Her mother said she really liked it. :-)

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