Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Monday

Does anyone really enjoy Mondays? I know I don't! I struggle to get up for work and then once I am there, it seems we always have system issues which turns the longest day of the week into an eternity! LOL

I got my 4 journal pages done again last week! I am very proud of myself!!! :-) So I am sharing a couple of them with you.

Sticking with my diet if I could just stick with the diet. hmm

Here is my lovely lady again. I just love her LOL

She is living my life...balancing above all those tempting goodies....trying her best not to fall (fail).
It has been pouring down rain here for a week. That puts a crimp in my creative thinking. Puts me in the mood to sleep though LOL

I needed 1 more page for my week and had absolutely no ideas! So, I began rummaging through my vintage photo drawer. And tucked into a little bag was this photo. I had shoved it into the drawer and never used it! These women just look so happy. It looks to me like they never let the weather get them down. From the smiles on their faces I have a feeling they were fun to hang out with! So I did! LOL

They look so proud of their fancy outfits. Those gorgeous fur coats and don't you just love the plumes on their hats?!

I don't know, I look at their faces and they just seem to know a happiness maybe. :-)

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~marilyn in PA said...

Great job keeping up with the journaling commitment! I think I've finally gotten to the point I don't have to make myself, for fear of doing something I'll hate looking at later. Currently have 3 different kinds going!

I DO NOT remember agreeing to let them use my likeness for that stamp, nor have I received any royalty checks. Off to write a nasty-gram to Viva Las Vegas demanding my due.