Friday, January 14, 2011

So far 2011 is going good!

I can't believe how creative I have been this week LOL After the past few years of barely able to complete an ATC, to create 3 in one week (6 in 2 weeks!) is just amazing LOL

These 3 are for the monthly the end of February! Yeah I am way ahead!!!! WoooHoooo

So, here we have a very fancy kitty. She (and her gold embossed crown) come from the Stampin Up set Cool Cat. The diamonds and French postmark are from the Tim Holtz French Market set by Stampers Anonymous.

I painted the background with acrylics blending from mauve to pale yellow. It is a very simple card and yet with the gold ink and embossing, sort of fancy. :-) Minnie (my little diva kitty) approved.
Ok, this one is odd, I know LOL But last week we bought a new toaster. And I couldn't get this song out of my head. My ex's niece used to sing a song about loving toast when she was around 10 or so. Not sure this is the exact song but close enough!

And don't you love that toaster? It comes from the Cricut cartridge "From My Kitchen". My new toaster sort of looks like that...very retro. But mine is a cool metallic red! Very sassy!!! LOL
And this last one was inspired by my lack of ability to stick to a diet! LOL This woman has way more will-power than I do! I swear, I love chocolate chip cookies and no way would I ever be able to resist them let alone do my exercises on top of them!
BTW this lovely woman comes from VivaLasVegastamps. Isn't she great?
The only fun thing about taking out all the Christmas decorations is bringing back all my collectibles. We finally got my antique school desk back in from the garage this week. Kitty loved it. He hopped right up as if he was ready for school....which is hilarious because Kitty is really dumb! If you every read Tucker's blog you would have gotten to enjoy Tucker's view of Kittys intelligence (or lack there of LOL)

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