Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Presidents Day

What does Presidents Day mean to me? A 3 day weekend!

Isn't that sad? It was originally created to honor and remember George Washington and now it is more well known as a day to get sheets and towels at half off.

Our forefathers would be so disappointed in us. Maybe I should make something George Washington related during my long weekend.

So why exactly am I posting today? Yeah, I know you are all wondering lol

Well it isn't to share the birthday card I made for my brother because I forgot to take a picture of it but it was a cute pop-up card.
And it isn't to show you the cute Valentine I gave to hubby....because I forgot to photograph that too (although I could probably go hunting around the house and find it if I was so inclined lol)

Nope, I have been playing in my Dina Wakely Media journal again. Although this is not what I normally do (art/craft-wise) I am having a lot of fun.

I watched Dina's faces tutorial again. And then changed it a bit. I wanted a rounder, younger looking face and I wanted an open mouth. I also tilted the head. Why not?

So I started this page (on the watercolor paper) by scribbling Lime Scribble Stick up the left side. I then doodled on some Magenta flowers. I added some Lemon and Turquoise scribbles on the bottom right. I brushed water over all the scribbles to soften them.

I then drew my head/face and painted her with acrylic paints.

And then I sat....and stared....and sat some more. What direction should I take?

She actually sat on my desk for a couple days as I thought of things and then dismissed them.

I then grabbed my Dyan Reaveley "Around the Edge" stamp set (which I had actually bought to use in my Bullet Journal) and stamped the leaves on the bottom right and top left using Distress Ink, Pine Needles.
I then colored the leaves with Lime and Night Scribble Sticks.

Next came the bird stamp which is part of Dina Wakely's Scribble Birds set. I colored him with alcohol markers.

And then they sat for a couple days. Every time I looked at them the word 'secrets' would pop into my head. What secrets are they sharing?

I stenciled on the leaves, down the left, using the stencil that came with the Scribble Birds stamps using Distress Oxide, Peeled Paint. I stenciled the flowers in the upper right using Tim Holtz' mini stencil that looks almost like cherry blossom branches and Faded Jeans Distress Oxide ink.

The text came to me at work one day (so I had to grab a post-it before I forgot it!) I typed it up, printed it, then dragged the paper through some Distress and Oxide inks It blended in beautifully with the Scribble Sticks already on the page. 

I really like how it turned out. 

And then today.....

Let me start with....I never paint realistic animals. I don't think I have EVER tried to paint a realistic animal. I will draw them. I will draw and color them. I don't paint them. So what ever possessed me to do this today I will never know.

It is supposed to be a Barred Owl. Yes I know this is a really bad looking owl! Yeah, it is BAD!!! lol

So why am I sharing? Because I did it. I have always felt like I couldn't paint a realistic living thing...and proved it lol.  But the fact that I actually, finally tried is the important thing.

There a few successes and a lot of failures in this. I should have listened to the advise I give others...when you are frustrated or feeling like it is not going well, get up and walk away, come back later. Didn't do that. Should have done that! lol

I think the paint on and around the eyes is at least 1/16" thicker than the rest of the page lol
Oh and the page is the cotton canvas which I prepped with clear gesso.

But he did look a whole lot worse! I got up to take a break. Walked out of the room, came back 2 minutes later and immediately saw some of the problems that I could fix. I made myself wait another 10 minutes and then went back in. Trust me when I tell you, the eyes were REALLY hideous before I went back in....we will just leave it at that! LOL

Will I go back and try to fix it some more? Maybe, probably not.

I love the background! That is the last thing I completed. It was a very washed out, pale green. I deepened the color with several shades of greens and a bit of brown. It looked better but really came together when I added the stencil which I did while the under paint was still wet so that it bled and softened a bit.

I have to say I like them together. The colors go well together. And they seem to have the same hair style! lol

I have 3 more days to play. I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty and working on something new....and hopefully not so scary! :-)

Until I pop in again....Happy Crafting!

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