Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mail Call!

Or should I say "Mailbox Call"?!

I am in an altered mailbox swap at the badbaby yahoo group. We went out to Target and found these adorable little mailboxes in their dollar spot.

Each player alters a mailbox, fills it with artwork and then ships it to their secret swap buddy.
Below is my blank mailbox. They are about 6 inches long, made of metal. Quite a deal for only a dollar!

Here are my contents. I made several ATCs and a tag. I mostly focused on the theme of travel. Except for my digital ATC which features one very cool cat! I also stuffed in a bunch of chocolate. Is it possible to have a secret swap without chocolate? I don't think so!

Here a close up of the digital cat. Isn't he the coolest? :-)

Here is the right side of the mailbox with the flag.
I stamped most the images. I choose things that featured postage stamps, letters or symbols of other countries such as the Eiffel Tower. I then filled in between the stamped images with postage stamps from around the world.
I was going to alter the ends as well but decided it took away from the collage in the middle so I just left them blank.

This is the left side. I just love that stamp with the little girl!

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