Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Box It Up

Now that I have discovered the world of 3D I can't seem to stop!

I struggled with my pumpkin/Jack o Lantern last week so I figured I would try something easier.

This sweet piece of cake comes from the Sweet Tooth boxes cartridge. I ran the icing through my Cuttlebug to give it more of that swirled frosting look. I then embellished it with some flowers cut from the Flower Shoppe cart and some lace and ribbon scraps.

It went together really easy (thank goodness since I had already had enough issues with the pumpkin lol)

But of course, I can't stick to the simple, straight-forward for long lol

I found a box on the CTMH Artiste cartridge. I would say it resembles a mailbox you would find attached to a house....does that make sense? The kind that are rectangle and the top lifts up like a flap.

Ok, I gave up and went and took a picture of it from the assembly manual lol

Anyway, I saw it and thought.....house....selling pumpkins. Yeah, kind of scary how my mind works lol

I had a blast designing this project and had to keep reining myself in otherwise I would have had this thing covered with all kinds of goodies inside and out lol

My plan is to put a little battery operated tea light inside (if I can find someplace in town that sells them!)

So, the basic shape is the above box from Artiste. I then added a door, windows and sign from Sweet Tooth boxes. I welded the window panes to the box base to that the Explore would cut them out. The roof scallops are from Elegant Edges. The tree comes from Pooh and Friends and I pounced on some orange, red and yellow paints to give dimension. The pumpkins are from Happily Ever After. They are plain with no detail at all other than the stems so I drew on lines, shaded with colored pencils and then burnished them from the back to give them a rounded puffiness. The written panel is a rectangle from CTMH Art Philosophy because I wanted the rounded corners. I let the Explore do the writing using the Simple Celebrations font.

There are windows on all four sides and some pumpkins on the back.  :-)

Lastly I ran some jute through the holes in the top and tied it closed. 

I love out it turned out! I can't wait to start decorating for fall and this will definitely go up on my mantel :-)

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