Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Art is what keeps me going

Today is not a great day. I am feeling very achy. Thank goodness I work from home and can stop for a few hours and go create something. It is the best medicine in the world!

Today is the last day of week 3 of the Index Card a Day challenge. I can't believe how fast it is flying by. Then again I can't believe we are half way through 2016 either!  Geez, before you know it it will be Christmas....I better get started with my shopping!!!!!  ;-)

Day 18: Orange

I stamped the pumpkins. If you have been here before then you know this is one of my all time favorite stamps. It comes from Graphic Rubber Stamp in N. Hollywood CA. The number stamped on the side of the block (yes this is so old it is mounted on a wood block) 844-1 H.  I have no idea if this company is even around any more. I have had this stamp for at least 20 years, probably more.

Anyway, I colored the pumpkins, as well as the floor, with Prismacolor pencils. I then inked up one of my embossing folders (Henna by Darice) with Stormy Sky Distress Ink and pressed it onto my card. I then chalked over it with PanPastel Ultramarine Blue Tint.

But I got done and though.....Eh.

So I made another card for the Orange prompt.

The sun was painted with white acrylic paint. Everything else is Inktense pencils.

I am still thinking ...Eh. But it's time to move on.

Day 19: Snowflake

I inked up my Swirled Snowflakes embossing folder from Darice with Distress Ink Stormy Sky and embossed my 3x5 index card.

I then drew the girl on a separate card, colored her with Inktense pencils, cut her out and glued her onto the snowstorm.

I think it turned out pretty cute.  It might even make a cute Christmas card. :-)

Day 20: The 1960s

Again, if you have been on this journey with me over the years then you know how much I love this cat stamp! He comes from Mars Tokyo.
I thought he would enjoy becoming part of my ode to Warhol.  :-)

The background was colored with Sharpie markers.
The cats were stamped with black Staz-On ink and then colored with Inktense pencils.
I then cut them out and glued them onto the background.

Day 21: Invent a Prompt

I really did not have anything in mind. I asked hubby last night for some prompt ideas....he has horrible prompt ideas lol

So, I began looking through my Pinterest boards just to see if something would jump start my muse. I found a Halloween card with a fat toad. And then I started thinking that I want to work on drawing Chibis again and that lead to this....

Crazy how the mind works isn't it? lol

Everything was drawn with a Sharpie fine line pen and then colored with Inktense pencils.

We'll just say my prompt was 'green' LOL

Have a wonderful week!

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